President’s Message December 2022

I have been told that where the Irish language is spoken in Ireland they say “go raibh mile agat” Prounced gur-uv mee-la mah ah-guth, the term has a literal translation of “May you have a thousand good things” or “thanks a million”. As I close out my time as AOH president I would like to express my gratitude with that term.

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read these messages over the past two years. Thanks for not complaining about my typos and grammatical mistakes. Also thank you to those who have said you enjoyed the articles. The support I received from my Hibernian brothers has made the AOH a special and enjoyable part of my life. However, it wasn’t just my AOH brothers, but also the LAOH presidents and our LAOH sisters who deserve my thanks. Thanks to all who attended the meetings, prayed at the prayer services, worked the events, and provided good conversation at the hall. There are too many to thank individually, you know who you are. Thanks to the officers for their steady commitment and the many others who have made this an extraordinary
organization. Special thanks to my wife for listening, being patient, and being a source of encouragement. I owe the parade
committee a nod of appreciation for selecting me as co-Grand Marshal of the parade, although we all know I rode in on the coat tails of my co-Grand Marshall and life partner Debbie. (I still enjoyed it very much).

On behalf of the entire AOH I wish to express special thanks to two brothers. These two have been at almost every business meeting, special committee meeting, corporation meeting, and fund-raising event. Every time I needed to check on AOH history or sought help they were there. They have ensured that our Hibernian community has thrived, and they have done it for many years. Thank you, Tom Kelly, and Mark Kadlecik.

AOH brothers, we did well. We brought the division out of covid. We went from a low bank account to perhaps the highest ever. We gave thousands of dollars to charities (over $1200 last month alone). We brought back all the events and added the very successful chicken barbecue. We ensured the survival of the hall and the Division. We had fun and many laughs. We had many leave us, but we had the honor to pray at their wakes and give them a heart-felt goodbye at their funerals. As you know, Father Buckley and brother Ed Evans passed on in November. May they rest in peace.

In November the sock hop was great fun, and the Luck of the Irish Drawing was very successful. Prior to the December meeting at 7:00 Ed Evan’s grandson will speak about how much he learned and enjoyed being the recipient of the Irish Life
Experience scholarship. All AOH and LAOH members are invited to this presentation. Our Christmas Party is on December 3rd. I hope to see you there.

Again, may you have a thousand good things and thanks a million!

In Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity.

– Bill Burke


Copyright Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One, Broome County, NY. All rights reserved.


Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY