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Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY

The Irish came to America as an oppressed people. They started a new life, worked hard, and took advantage of the opportunity and freedom of America. Decades later we of Irish ancestry enjoy the benefits of our ancestors’ struggle. We live in the springtime of the Irish American struggle. We do not dig coal mines or canals, or pound rail spikes under appalling conditions to survive. We live relatively comfortable lives and are accepted as productive American citizens. Springtime is great. (Even if April brings rain once and awhile).

March was also a good month. The parade day mass was a dignified, enlightening ceremony. The St. Patrick Day flag raisings were inspiring and well attended and it appears the country is turning the corner on the coronavirus. This April17th we will be having our first A.O.H. chicken barbeque. Thanks to Chris and Fran McManus, co-chair Pat Walsh and many other volunteers. Please place an order and remember the dinner pick-up location is at 224 Henry St, Binghamton, near NYSEG Stadium. See our flyer for details. The Junior girls will also be conducting a bake sale at the barbeque. LAOH1 is having a soup take-out on Good Friday, and the corporation will be running an artwork raffle. Mutual support among divisions will make us all successful.

Welcome to new members Andrew Tripicco, Dalton Worgo, and Henry Murphy III. Our next meeting will be at the hall on April 13th at 7:00. This meeting will be in person at the hall. We are ardently searching for a golf tournament chairperson or co-chairpersons. The golf tournament is a fun event and a great fundraiser. If you are interested, please call as soon as possible. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated, and you will receive plenty of help.
As the country continues its’ fight with the coronavirus, special thanks are in order: Thank you to our members who are police officers, firefighters, essential workers, nurses, and other medical personnel. We thank you and your colleagues for your efforts in this crisis. Also, special thanks are due for Cookie Luke and Sylvia Smith for their extended efforts to keep the hall safe.
The annual NY AOH/LAOH spring meeting is May 1st, at the Shamrock House, East Durham, NY. The annual NY AOH/LAOH convention will be July 7- 10 at the Syracuse Downtown Marriott. You can contact the Marriott at 315 474 2424 to reserve rooms at $135 a night. Book the rooms under “Hibernian Convention”.

I’d like to thank all the members who have paid their 2021 dues. Those who are in arrears with their dues will need to bring them up-to-date as soon as possible. The dues are currently $40. An arrears letter will be sent mid-April timeframe to those who haven’t paid. The dues will then be $50. These dues monies are needed to help with our charitable contributions and offset some of our operating costs. If you have any issues with paying your dues please let us know. Stop by the hall or mail your payment to AOH; 148 Main St.; Binghamton, NY 13905 Attn: Mark Kadlecik. Also, if you plan on moving or have already moved let us know of your new address. Thanks in advance for your attention in this matter

Happy springtime; yours in Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity.

Bill Burke President

607 240 6560 or

A MESSAGE FROM Jeff Largue Chieftain Editor:
We are trying to put together a e-mail list of all the members. Please email me @, if you have an address.