Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY

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It has been a good summer. The pandemic has waned and many of us have returned to normalcy. Our picnic, and our golf tournament were fun, relaxing, and successful events. Some of us have spent the summer at lake escapes or in the back yard loung- ing. Once again perhaps we should take a moment to appreciate the luck of us Irish Americans of 2021. It was in the spring and summer of 1846 that 85,000 Irish immigrants came to America with the hope of escaping starvation due to the tyranny of their government. They came crowded onto vessels, some of them were overpacked, infested and under supplied. Some were known as coffin ships. The Irish came simply to stay alive. They weren’t greeted by the Statue of Liberty with its inspiring poetry, it wasn’t built yet. They were met with prejudice and very tough working conditions. America wasn’t a perfect place for the Irish, but the

democratic ideals that allowed for the practice of their religion, the expression of their thought, and their exit from the peasant class fit the Irish well. So here we are today, most of us living comfortably, and none of us considered peasants. Yes, the summer of 2021 has been good.

The summer golf tournament was highly successful. Special thanks go to the golf committee, the volunteers, the sponsors, and the players. By all accounts, it was a fun time, a good meal, and for some a return to normalcy after a year of pandemic restrictions. Our picnic also brought out at least 50 Hibernians to Ross Park on a warm sunny summer day. Recently we received thank you notes for contributions to Catholic Charites, and for assistance in helping the Juniors construct Harper’s and Maddie’s memorial garden at Rec Park. Funds from the golf tourney will help us carry out such charitable efforts throughout 2021.

The Luck of the Irish tickets are now on sale, proceeds will go to support the hall. The pandemic had a negative impact on the hall financials. The hall corporation board of directors also has reported a need for necessary repairs, such as the heating and air conditioning units. Do your best to support our hall. As you know, it is the meeting place of the AOH, two LAOH divisions, the Parade Committee and the Junior LAOH members. It is also the gathering place for Hibernians, associate Hibernians, and our friends to enjoy some companionship and socialization. Stop by when you can and consider renting the hall for such things as birthdays, graduation parties, retirement events, and other family events.

It is also encouraged that we continue to support the other divisions with their events and fund raisers. The Hooley, sponsored by both LAOH divisions will be coming up soon. Our next meeting will be the second Tuesday of the month, September 14th at 7:00. The meeting will start with an initiation of new members, and finish with a pizza celebration in their honor. All AOH members are highly encouraged to attend. If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while, make this the start of your reinvolvement. You don’ t have to volunteer for burdensome commitments. We simply want you there to carry out our mission of friendship, unity, and maybe some Christian charity. It’s been a good summer, hope to see you in September. 

Yours always, In Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity - Bill Burke President BC AOH