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Hello everyone! If you are receiving this late blame me. I got caught up in my life and forgot to do my monthly duty. Thanks to Jeff Largue I got this to him before the end of the month on May 31st. I am sorry.
I guess summer is upon us. You can tell by our daily thunder storms. Just like Florida, almost.
A reminder that June is our last meeting until September. The meeting will be June 12th at 7pm.

This is from myself and Mark Kadlecik

Once again, we’d like to thank all the members who have paid their 2019 dues. All those who were in arrears received a reminder letter back in early April. We currently have approximately 25 - 30 members with outstanding dues.
We’d appreciate you taking action and bring your dues up-to-date as soon as possible. These monies are needed to sup- port our charitable contributions and offset some of our operating costs. This will also ensure you won’t be removed from our membership roster and mailing lists. Let us know of any address change.

Summer is a time for family and friends, vacations and outdoor activity. It is a slower time at the hall. Please make an effort to stop by for a pint and to share our friendship.

Some events this summer include our annual picnic at Ross Park in July. Again, the golf Tournament on August 3rd. Still looking for help, with the tournament .

Thank you all for your support as always, have a great Summer.

John Walker

Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY