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Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY

In May many of you will be preparing and planting your gardens. It appears the Irish have always found gardening as important. Perhaps now gardening is an avocation but at one time it was for survival. According to local history many Irish in Binghamton settled in an area referred to as the “Patch”. In the 1800’s the Binghamton Patch was somewhere north of the rail yards centered around Robinson street. Other Irish settlements throughout the country were also referred to as the patch. The story was that the Irish grew cabbage in their front yards, thus the name. Apparently Irish mothers intuitively knew the nutritional value of fresh grown cabbage. They somehow knew their children would thrive with this gift from the garden.

A few weeks ago, near the same area, it was not the pungent odor of boiling cabbage drifting through the air, it was the sweet smell of our recent chicken barbecue. Thanks to the participation of at least 20 AOH brothers, the barbecue was a great success. We are also indebted to the Moose Club and Fran and Chris McManus and several Moose members who contributed greatly. The Moose provided the kitchen, the cooks, and an area perfect for the operation. Many accolades are also in order for Pat Walsh and his food service skills. Pat ensured the food supplies were correct, he delivered many of the required goods, and supervised the entire cooking operation. Pat was key to our barbeque success. Our expectations were exceeded. Thank you, Pat Walsh.
A full report on the proceedings of the May 1st State Board meeting will be available at the May meeting. Many of you may be interested in attaining the Major Degree at the State convention this summer. The degree will be given Saturday July 10 at noon. You can find more information on the NY AOH website or contact regional director Tim Tobin at The N.Y.S. AOH/LAOH Convention will be held July 7-July 11 at the Downtown Syracuse Marriott. Again, check the state website if you are interested. Please continue to support the other divisions in their endeavors, such as the present Junior’s doughnut sale. The other divisions’ support of the BBQ and our support of the simple soup and shepherd’s pie sales enabled success for all. I encourage all members to check out both the State and National website. There are many informative and interesting articles on both sites. At our latest meeting it was suggested that we work on publicity.

If someone is interested in photographing our events and submitting them to local media and various websites, please let me know. th

Our next meeting will be Tuesday May 11 , at this meeting we will have an induction ceremony and we will be discussing the golf tournament. These questions must be answered; will we have a tourney, who will chair, co-chair, volunteer, etc.?
See you at the May meeting. In between now and then you may want to plant a cabbage or two as a tribute to your Irish American past.

Yours in Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity- Bill Burke 607-240-6560