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Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY

President’s Message October 2022

In the fall, in ancient Hibernia, the ancient Celtics feared the upcoming cold damp winters which often brought sickness and death. They also believed that in late October the spirits of the dead returned to the earth. They thought they might scare off the devils and death by wearing costumes made of animal skulls and skins. They held ceremonies with their costumes dedicated to this effort. Perhaps if they celebrated hard enough, they could bring about a mild winter. Perhaps the demons and disease would leave them alone. Centuries later those ceremonies evolved into what we know as Halloween.

In the fall, in present day Binghamton, the Ancient Order of Hibernians fight off the sicknesses of winter with prescriptions, vaccinations, and science. However, we still celebrate. We Hibernians have many events this fall. Our prime fall celebration will be the Turkey raffle held on Friday October 21st at 7:00. Come and enjoy the evening and maybe walk away with your Thanksgiving dinner. Check out the Hall for Halloween and musical events. The Hall will be hosting football and fun on most Saturdays and Sundays. At the upcoming LAOH rummage sale you can pick up some bargains. In early November the AOH daily raffle will be available, and you can enjoy the election day spaghetti dinner served by the LAOH Juniors. By supporting these activities, we will make our Hibernian community even stronger.

We are happy to announce that at our recent meeting Joe Cline, Maxwell Renall, Don Burke, and Gavin Walsh were inducted. Additionally, Tom Gdovin was accepted as an associate member and John Fitzgerald was reinstated. We hope that Buzz Walling gets well soon, and that hospitalized member Henry Murphy recuperates quickly. We also pray for the full recovery of sister Hibernian Shelia Madigan.

Besides modern medicine another thing the ancient Celts didn’t have was modern technology. I encourage all Hibernians to make use of our official website bcaoh (Broome County AOH). Special thanks to Buzz Walling and Pat Harding who administer this site. Buzz and Pat keep it up to date and accurate. Recent postings include Chieftain articles and upcoming events at the hall.

Additionally, pictures of the Juniors’ service projects, the Parade, and the Hooley can be found there.
I imagine the Celts communicated through human messengers. Today however we have a much more efficient system called email. Email distributors Sue Connors and Tracy Wagaman along with the division presidents distribute the emails. However, if you don’t give us your email address and/or you don’t read your emails - the system doesn’t work. Therefore, if you haven’t done so, please submit your email address to your president so you can receive the announcements. There are also AOH Facebook sites; one which was administered by a now deceased member is inactive. The other entitled AOH Monsignor Lawrence Giblin Division One is kept up to date. LAOH Facebook sites are likewise available. Unlike the ancient Hibernian people, we do not have to fear October, so keep informed, have fun at our events, and enjoy the beauty of the season.

In Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity.

– Bill Burke