Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY

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Greetings everyone! Hope you are having a fine Fall season. How our lives have changed in the past six or so months. I would like to think that all of this will be over soon, but the predictions are not so promising. The parade committee’s outlook for the 2021 St. Patrick’s Day parade is bleak. Bill Burke came up with the idea of still having a mass that we could social distance at. I think it is a great idea and will keep everyone posted as we get closer. As for our men’s division we are set to have our nominations and elections for the 2021 officers at our November meeting. At this time it is still up in the air whether we will meet in person. Keep an eye and ear for your phone and email in the next week or so. I will attempt to let every- one know what is happening. With the virus numbers as they are in the county I personally do not feel we should hold a face to face meeting, yet, I’ll be in touch. We should be talking about our Turkey Party, Thanksgiving and Holiday gatherings but for this year let it be about our faith, family, and friends.

The AOH Corporation will hold the Luck of the Irish drawing at the hall on November 18th at 6pm. There will be limited seating and the bar will not be opened. Tickets are $50.00 as usual. If you need tickets contact me or any board member. They are also available at the hall, Tuesday through Saturday from 4 to 8pm. The election of board members will take place on November 23rd. Vote at the hall from 2 to 6pm. If you don’t feel comfortable coming in, you can park in front and call the Hall at 724-5588 and someone will bring your ballot to you.
Again, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your understanding on how we are trying to keep going and not place anyone of us in any compromising situations. I want us all to be healthy and soon raise a pint together. We as an organization will continue to do what we have done for years and make the charitable donations to the organizations we have helped in the past. We will also keep to our constitution and help any brother that is need of support.
Our prayers to all of our members who are sick or suffering at this time. Especially Bill Ryan who I heard is in the hospital. If you know of anyone that needs our support please let me know.
For now, in our motto of Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity may God keep us all safe in the palm of his hands. 

In our Motto

John Walker, President
Division One Broome County 607-725-5563