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Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY


Greeting everyone! Well we are through July. I am not sure about you, but I am so over this Covid thing. If I may get on the soapbox for a moment, this concerns everyone to be vigilant and to protect yourself and others. The authorities are not asking much. Wash your hands frequently, avoid large crowds, and wear a mask. The mask thing gets to me. I am accustomed to wearing face protection in my job. I wear a mask 8 to 10 hours
every day. My mask is fitted on the bridge of my nose and covers my mouth. That is how a mask is intended to be worn. Not under the nose or on the chin. That offers little or no protection to you or the people around you. If we comply with these mandates our numbers will diminish. We as a community can ill afford to go through what we did in March, April and May. Please, follow the guidelines and stay safe. I’ll get off my box now, thanks.

Another month has come and gone and most of what we have been accustomed to has also waned. No Golf Tournament, AOH Picnic, and the Hooley. The Hooley Committee unanimously postponed the Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day Hooley until September 2021. On a bright spot, yes there is one, the Hall is opened!! Limited seating and hours from 4 to 8 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Because we are a club the standards of eating with a drink is not in effect. Without any further constraints on our activities it looks like we can resume our in face meetings in September. Please check the chieftain in September for updates.
Through all of this, some of our brothers and sisters have been suffering! If I have failed to mention them I apologize. For those I know, Hugh Reynolds continues to recover at Good Shepard Village at Endwell. Pat Ahearn is recovering from surgery at the Mayo Clinic. Please remember all of our members in our prayers. Wish all of them a speedy recovery. If you know of anyone that is sick or in need of our prayers, please let me know. As you are also aware that we have lost several brothers and sisters since this whole thing started, please keep them and their families in your prayers as well.

Once again I’d like to thank all the members who have paid their 2020 dues. For those members who are still in arrears, reminder letters were sent a couple of months ago. Currently we have 31 members who haven’t paid as yet. If you’re having trouble paying your dues please reach out to us. We’d like to keep you on as members and understand that this pandemic may have caused financial burdens on you and your family. Dues are $40. You can stop in the hall or mail your check to AOH; 148 Main St.; Binghamton, NY 13905. Attn: Mark Kadlecik. Thanks for your attention with this matter.

The National Convention is in progress as I am writing this, nothing to report at this time. I am sure that you will see something in next month News- letter. Not having much to say this much, I had a lot, I’m Irish! Thank you everyone!! I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

As always,

in our Motto of Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity 

 John Walker, President
John Walker, President 607-725-5563