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Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY

  The months sometimes seem to fly by, then October hits us in the face with an undeniable change of weather. In October there are not any real American or Irish American holidays, parades, or parties. Or are there? Historians report that the origins of Halloween go back two thousand years ago to an ancient Celtic celebration in Ireland. According to the celebration marked the end of summer and the beginning of the dark, frigid winter, a time often associated with death. On October 31st, the Celts believed the spirits of the dead returned to the earth. The people wore animal heads and skins during this celebration to scare away the ghosts. About one thousand years later our Catholic Church moved All Soul’s
Day, a day to honor the dead, to November 2nd. They also dressed in costumes, but as saints, angels, and devils.

  In colonial America, customs from different European ethnic groups and some American Indian tribes meshed into our American version of Halloween. Later the 1840s Irish potato famine brought many Irish immigrants who helped populate the day. Thus, the October celebration evolved. No, Halloween it is not an Irish holiday, a Catholic holiday, or a pagan holiday. It is simply a day of imagination, creativity, and fun. It is a day to celebrate the change in seasons and to welcome the beauty and solace that winter can bring. It is a kids’ fun day, but it can also be an enjoyable time for adults. So, on Saturday October 30 dress up, (or not), and have a fun time by attending the hall’s Halloween party. 
  Another October celebration will be our AOH Turkey Raffle on October 22nd we invite all members and friends to enjoy all raffles, food, and refreshments. Special thanks to Tom Kelly, Jeff West, Bob Wylie, Jeff Largue, and Mark Kadlecik who have registered to organize the event.

  We welcome new members Sean Mullins and Chris Taylor to the AOH, both were inducted at the September meeting. Sadly, we regret the passing of brother Tom LeStrange. The Parade Committee has announced that there will be a parade March 5th. The AOH will also hold a full mass that morning at St. Mary’s. Contact Tom Kelly if you wish to nominate a Maid of Erin, Grand Marshal, or a Parade Starter.  Kelly Cline has asked that if you know of any girls interested in the LAOH Juniors please contact her. The September Hooley was great fun, and we wish to congratulate all our Hibernian sisters who made this possible. As always, it is encouraged that our divisions mutually support each other. Have a fun and happy Halloween.


In Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity.

– Bill Burke


The 2021 Hooley is “in the books” and a good time was had by all. Final tally’s are not in yet but we all feel it was a success. We would like to thank all those that volunteered, donated and kept us in their prayers for safe and great event.

The Hooley Committee