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Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY

I am honored to accept the position of AOH president and thank you for your expressions of confidence and support. I also wish to express congratulations to the incoming officers; V.P. Steve Cole, Secretary Chris McManus, Treasurer Terry Regan, Financial Secretary Mark Kadlecik, Standing Committee Chair Joe Mihalko, Sentinel Bob Wiley, Marshall Bruce King, and Chaplin Father Buckley. The induction and the next meeting will occur on Jan. 12, at 7:00.via Zoom. John will host, the meeting under the topic AOH Broome County Division One at; Passwords=R2tBbUwvYmJVM2VZYlp6d2REeG1kUT09 ID: 926 6263 7328 Passcode 1122021

I believe we all wish a special note of appreciation to past president John Walker. The AOH, like every organization, has been hit hard by the pandemic. We have had to cancel meetings, fund raisers, and special events. We have been separated, made anxious and physically sick. At least one member has passed due to covid. John has led us through this difficult time while at the same time performing full time as an essential medical provider. His efforts are greatly appreciated and a credit to the AOH. Hopefully 2021 will see the demise of COVID-19 and the end of its world-wide disruption. As Irish and as Americans, our histories have seen many calamities. A recent video posted by the AOH reminds us that 2020 was the175 anniversary of the start of the Great Hunger. The video reminds us that; “Between 1845 and 1850 Ireland would lose over two million people to starvation and forced emigration. Yet the Irish people and her exiled children triumphed over that and inspired the world with their courage and resilience. As we remember the tragedy of the great hunger let it remind us of the fortitude of the Irish people and know that we will come back stronger than ever”. My chief goal will be that the Broome County AOH will also return stronger than ever.
Other goals for the year include: an increase in new membership, an increase in participation of our 291 current members, the re-establishment of our COVID-19 cancelled events, and division participation in community service projects. Of course none of this will occur without your help. Upcoming fund raising events in the planning stages include a take-out chicken and biscuit dinner, (possibly in February), and a chicken barbecue targeted for March. Volunteers will be needed. Hopefully by fall we will be returning to our indoor meetings, fund raisers, and fun events.

Our division will survive and flourish with your patronage and PARTICIPATION. I am looking forward to an exciting, and perhaps challenging year. Again I enthusiastically thank you for the honor to serve as your AOH president. See you at the meetings and at the club.

In Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity,

Bill Burke - 607 240 6560