Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY

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At the recent NY State AOH/LAOH convention in Syracuse it was inspiring to hear Syracuse Mayor Ed Walsh, Ryan McMahon the county executive, and State Senator John Mannion thank us Hibernians for keeping the history and tradition of Irish Americans alive. All three are of Irish American ancestry and told interesting stories of their Irish families and their coming to America. They are living proof of how the Irish have now become an integral part of the American fabric. Thanks go to Buzz Walling, Mark Kadlecik, John Walker, and Steve Cole for attending the convention and participating in the various sessions. Congratulations go to Pat Walsh for his attainment of the major degree and representing us honorably during the ceremony.

Interesting issues discussed at the convention included a wide spectrum of items. The items included statements on the Hyde Amendment, cover up of the Spring Hill massacre in Ireland, AOH scholarships, possible diminishing of the Irish Famine Memorial in NYC, a reset of St. Patrick Day celebrations, use of social media, and recruiting and retention of members. However, the underlying message that always prevails is that we have an AOH for the main purpose of honoring our history and heritage. A full report of the convention will be available at the September meeting.

Hopefully, you were able to attend our picnic at Ross Park. Thank you to all who were able to help, especially Bob Wiley, Mark Kadlecik, John Walker, and John Tobias. By the time you receive this message our golf tournament will be organized and ready to go. The hard work of Matt Gilroy, Joe Mihalko, Mark Kadlecik, John Walker, Pat Walsh, Jeff West, Tom Kelly, and others has made this possible. It is sure to be a fun and productive day for the AOH.

As September approaches it appears that we will be able to return to full time operation of events and hall parties. We will soon begin planning of the October Turkey Raffle and any upcoming breakfasts; please participate. The September meeting will include the initiation of up to ten new members into our division. It will be all of our responsibility to make sure these new members feel welcome and retain them as active members. The September meeting and initiation will be followed by a pizza and refreshment session in honor of the new inductees.

As always, our members are encouraged to support the events of the other divisions, such as the LAOH’s Win a Certified Chef fund raiser. We also ask that you come to our meetings, (we need you there), and participate in our activities. Never forget that at the hall you will find friendship, a unity with members, and the opportunity participate in true Christian charity.

Yours always, In Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity - Bill Burke President BC AOH