LAOH Division Two

Deborah Burke, President

School is almost over and summer’s about to begin! June is the month when we really start feeling like winter is over and done with for another year. Our June meeting is our last meeting until September. Activities and events during the summer will be in the July and August Chieftain as well as e-mail notifications and posts at the hall. Stop in at our hall over the summer to keep in touch with everyone.

Welcome to Maureen Abbott who was initiated into Division 2 on May 16th. We look forward to you joining our meetings and participating in our events.

In May we hosted our third Mother’s Day brunch honoring our Mothers and those who are no longer with us. Families remember those who are forever in their hearts and many are fortunate to bring their Mom and family members to celebrate together. Thank you to Susan and Aidan Arnold, Marlaina Bartolillo, Susan Connors, Liz Farrell, Cookie Luke, Sheila Madigan, Patti Murray, Kathy Butler Weathers, Amber Youngs, Bill Burke and Bob Butler who give their time to volunteer on Mother’s Day. It is you who make the brunch a success and your contribution are truly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who donated goods for the Spring Rummage Sale as well as worked to make it a success.

Mark your calendar

June 14th- How to Defuse a Bomb, The Project Children Story- The extraordinary untold story of how an NYPD bomb disposal expert played a key role in helping defuse the decades old “Troubles” in Northern Ireland. With stunning archive and exclusive contributions from Bill Clinton and Martin McGuinness, this feature-length documentary weaves the personal stories of the children who escaped the brutal violence. Showings at 3pm and 6pm at the A.O.H hall. The movie is free. Admission tickets required. Pick up your ticket at the hall or contact me.

A.O.H/LAOH Family Picnic- July 22 at Ross Park Zoo at noon. Bring a dish to share.

Thank you to our members who have paid 2018 dues. Effective June 30th, the dues increase to $25. You can pay your dues at our monthly meeting or send a check payable to LAOH Division Two with your dues card and a self-addressed-stamped envelope to A.O.H Hall, 148 Main St. Binghamton, NY 13905, Attn: Amber Youngs.

Sashes are available for purchase for $31. Contact Maureen at 648- 8131.

Our next division meeting is Wednesday, June 20 at 6:00pm. We will have our indoor picnic after the meeting. Please bring a dish to share.

We are also asking for donations from our members for our A.O.H hall. Please bring to the June meeting: large city garbage bags, paper towels, hand soap, dish detergent, aluminum foil, bar towels, sponges, dish cloths or Ziploc bags.

Happy Father’s Day to every Father, whether flesh and blood or in their heart, who have always been there to offer unconditional love, support, and encouragement to your children. May the Lord bless you and may you have a great Father’s Day! 

Yours in Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity,


LAOH Division One

Maureen Kadlecik, President

Congratulations and Best of Luck to all 2018 graduates! Wishing you success in your future endeavors whether continuing your education or the start of your careers. May your faith remain strong and be the change you want to see in the world!

Our U.S.O Show at the Veterans Home in Oxford was another success this
year. The residences were very engaged; they loved singing along this year and even asked for us to sing some songs a second time. Thank you everyone who contributed money and talent to make this a wonderful day for those that have served our country so that we may continue to enjoy our freedom. Thank you, Sue Messina, for chairing this event again this year, Pauline Le Strange for a great job on the piano and Linda Largue for all the beads for the Veterans nice touch! Looking forward to next year!

On June 10th at Traditional at the Glen at 11am we will be having our annual Woman of the Year brunch. We will be honoring a sister from our division who is living our motto going above and beyond its meaning each and every day. The cost is $20.00 the price includes tax and gratuity. We have invited our sisters from Division II to join us as well. Hope you can join us as we honor our sister. For reservations or questions please call, Barb Walling at 349-0023 or 232-6367

The lottery for the month of June is being run by LAOH County Board if you have not turned in your tickets yet please do so asap by either dropping them off at the hall and noting on the envelope attn. LAOH County Board Lottery Jaqi Kenefick or mailing returns to Jaqi Kenefick 38 Rossmore Place Bing., NY 13904. Please support this!

Speaking of the LAOH County Board...our breakfast is being held on June 3rd from 8am-12 noon. Volunteers are needed. Some of you signed up to work already at our May meeting, thank you. If you would like to work and are not signed up yet, please contact Sue Messina at 748-0323 or 725-2218 email Many hands make light work. If you cannot work you can still support this fundraiser by joining us at the A.O.H. for a delicious breakfast.

The National Convention in Louisville, KY. is fast approaching and those that are attending should have already advised Sue Messina, so she can get the delegate list forwarded on. If you have not please do so asap.

The Hibernian Garden in Ross Park Zoo is always in need of weeding and planting. Please feel free to stop up and spend some time making it look beautiful. Thank you to anyone who does this already.
Be looking for another date for a joint Saturday for us to go and spread mulch etc.

How to Defuse a Bomb is an excellent presentation (we saw this at the N.Y.S. Convention in Buffalo)
if you can join us to see this you will not be disappointed. Please contact President Burke for your
ticket. There is no charge, but you do need a ticket.

Thank you to everyone who brought gifts for our Birthright Shower last meeting and a big thank you to Francine Connerton for delivering all the beautiful gifts for the moms and babies.

Our next meeting is June 8th 6pm this is our picnic meeting and our last meeting before our summer break. Please bring a dish to pass. Wear your Red, White and Blue too!

Our next Corporation Meeting is Monday June 11th at 7pm. This is an open meeting to all members in good standing. Please join us.

Some ladies still owe dues. Please send a check, self-stamped/address envelope include your dues card LAOH Div. I
Attn: Linda Largue 148 Main St. Bing., NY 13905 your care will be returned to you.

Get well wishes going out to Maureen Bradley, our Division II sister. Keep her in your prayers.
Kindly keep our military in our thoughts and prayers too!
Questions or concerns please contact me a 729-4561 or 

Yours in Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity,

Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY

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