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Broome County, NY

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Ed Evans Column:

Last Month’s Trivia: George Bernard Shaw named Ireland “John Bull’s Island”.

This Month’s Trivia: Who is reputed to have brought garlic and onions to Ireland?

Language: What would you like to drink?

Irish: Cad e ba nmhaith leat le hol?

Pronunciation: Kaday ba mhaith leat le haul?

History: Many members of Britain’s Parliament had wanted to emancipate Catholics for some time. The problem was that Protestants living in Ireland relied on British law to keep them in power, so any time the British Parliament would try to help the Irish Catholics, the Protestants would protest. O’ Connell’s election gave lawmakers the perfect opportunity to emancipate Catholics.

Thank you all for your cards and grateful words and prayers on my wife Gloria’s behalf. Please pray for Bob and Lynn Wylie’s twelve-year-old granddaughter.