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Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY

​​Ed Evans' corner

Last Month's Trivia: How long is the Presidential term in Ireland?

Answer: The President of Ireland is elected for a term of seven years.

This Month's Trivia: What saint was made welcome on the night of Jan. 31 in a Irish household by placing food on the windowsill?

History:  Home rule meant different things to different people, While the Fenians called foe a complete separation, Parnell wanted an Ireland with its own Parliament, responsible for its own economic and social affairs, but still a part of the Brit- ish Empire. For most people, this limited form of independence was perfectly acceptable. 

English: The fiddle is my favorite instrument. 

Irish: An fhidil an gleas is ansa liom. 
Pronunciation: In ijil in gless iss ansa lyum. 

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