Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY

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Ed Evans Column:

 Last Month’s Trivia: There were three U.S. Presidents who were sons of Irish immigrants. 

 This Month’s Trivia: How many Dublin’s are there in the U.S.

 Language: Where is the Catholic church? What time is mass?
 Irish: Ca bhfuil an seipeal caaitliceach? Cathain a bhionn aifreainn ann? ​
 Pronunciation; Kaw will on –shaypayle catch-lick-ah? Kohhen a vee –an afrin unn?  

History: Cromwell had a way with words. He coined the phrase “by hook or by crook”- meaning that he’d take Waterford either through Hook or Head or the town of Crooke. He said that Catholics could go to Hell or Connach, a phrase used today in Ireland to describe a really raw deal, since Connach has some of the poorest soil in Ireland. 

July 2020