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Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY

​​Ed Evans' corner

Last Month's Trivia: What famous boxer began his studies at Boston College, left to become a plumber’s apprentice and lost his job by breaking the jaw of his boss.

Answer: On Jan.31 in an Irish household food was placed on the windowsill in order to welcome St. Briget. 

This Month's Trivia

History:  Bogs are so oxygen poor that things buried in them often don’t rot. Archeologists have found tools, weapons, jewelry and even well-preserved human bodies. The real treat, though, is bog butter, people buried huge clumps of butter in the cool peat to keep them fresh but forgot to dig them up. Museums today display them as petrified dairy fat.

English: Do you like music? Traditional?

Irish: An maith leat an ceol? eol traidisunta? 
Pronunciation: Un moih lyat an kyaul? Kyaul tradishoonta? 

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