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​ Ed Evans Column:

  Last Month’s Trivia: What native of Kilkenny designed the White House?

  Answer: John Hoban was the Irishman who designed the White House. 
  This Month’s Trivia: From what New York City building is the Irish flag flown on St. Pat’s day? 


  Language: Here is my driver’s license.

  Irish; Seo e mo cheadunas tiomana.
  Pronunciation; Shoh ay muh kya doonas chimawna.

  History: Irish music is a free form style. The length, pace, and musical composition of a given piece will change from night to night and group to group. Traditional musicians almost never play from written music; in the past, many of the musicians could not read written music.

  On a personal note, Thank you one and all for all your kindness for Gloria my beloved wife. 

**Webmaster's note**
  Welcome back Ed! You and your family are still in our prayers.