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Last Month's Trivia: In Irish legend there was a fifth province, what was it? 

Answer​In Irish legend there was a fifth province named Meath.

This Month's Trivia: When did the brewing of Guinness begin in Ireland?
How many pints of stout does Guinness’s fermenting vessel ferment in one brewing? 

History:  Ireland doesn’t have much wood or coal, so whenever the Irish needed a power source they always turned to peat – the combustible organic matter stacked in Ireland’s abundant bogs. in keeping with tradition , modern Ireland has fueled its growing industries with electricity from highly efficient peat burning power plants. 


English: Do I need a prescription? How many do I take?

Irish: An bhfuil oideas dochtyra uaim? Ce mhead gur ceart doma thogail?
Pronunciation: Unwill ijass duktorraoom? Kayvayd gur k yart duma howgawle?


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