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​ Ed Evans Column:

 Last Month’s Trivia
Tailteann Games is the Irish version of the Olympics. With the 1932 Summer Olympics begin held in Los Angeles, the Tailteann Games was originally scheduled for 1931 to avoid a clash, but postponed to 1932, which meant Olympic athletes from Ireland or abroad could not be present.

 This Month’s Trivia: What pub was the headquarters of Wolfe Tone’s Society of United Irishmen?

Language: I went fishing. How is fishing here?
Chuaigh me a iascoir eacht. Cad e mar ata aniascaireacht anseo?
Khoowee may a eeas-karakht. Kajay mar afaw in eeas karakht unshaw?

History: During the years when King Henry viii and Queen Elizabeth I extended English control over most of Ireland, the northern counties of Ulster were regarded as the most savage part
of the island. In the early 1600’s King James I decided to cure Ulster of its Catholicism
by displacing the Irish and setting English and Scottish Protestants there. This settlement became known as the Ulster Plantation. 

Ed Evans