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Last Month's Trivia: What Nazi sympathizer was born in New York and educated at the Jesuit School in Galway? ​

Answer​John Joyce born in New York and educated in the Jesuit school in Galway was a Nazi sympathizer.

This Month's Trivia: In whose divorce case was Charles Stewart Parnell named in 1890, causing a split in his party?

History:  The bad guy for Irish stories was Oliver Cromwell, the British Protestant general who authorized wholesale destruction in his Irish campaign. From roasting priests to demolishing castles, he inflicted misery on the people of Ireland. He was known as the son of the devil. For the story teller, Cromwell served two major functions: he provided a helpful plot device as the character that everyone loathed; and speaking ill of him allowed storytellers to express their resentment of Britain’s treatment of Ireland.


English: Do I need a prescription? How many do I take? How often do I take them? 

Irish: An bhfuil oideas dochtura uaim? Ce mehead gur ceart doma thogail? Ce chomh minic is ceart dom iad a thogail? 
Pronunciation: Un will ijass duktoora oom? Kay vyad gur k yart dum a howgawle? Kay kow minik is k yart dumeed a howgawle? 


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