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Last Month's Trivia: What do all the following nationalist patriots have in common; Wolf Tone, Charles Parnell, Robert Emmet, Roger Casement?     

Answer​Wolf Tone, Charles Parnell, Robert Emmet, and Roger casement were all Protestants. 

This Month's Trivia: What Act and in what year was the Irish Parliament abolished? 

History:  One Penal law prevented Catholics from owning a horse worth more than 5 pounds. In 1773 the
Irish nobleman Art O Leary was shot by an Englishman foe refusing to relinquish his mare to him. The lament for him, composed by his wife, Eileen o Connell is one of the finest most heart rendering poems ever written in the English language.


English: A bottle of red wine, please. 

Irish: Buideal fhion dearg an ti le do thiol.
Pronunciation: Bujayle een jar ig un chee leh duh hull.

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