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​​Ed Evans' corner

Last Month's Trivia: What percent of Northern Ireland is Catholic?  

Answer: According to a 2012 article in the Belfast Telegraph, 45% of the population reported to be Roman Catholic in the 2011 census.

This Month's Trivia: The Titanic was built in which Irish city?

History:  The Good Friday agreement adopted many of the provisions of previous peace attempts such as the Sunigdale agreement. One of the unfortunate ironies of the situation that it took so long to reach essentially the same solution as was rejected in 1974. The agreement required: Home rule returned to Northern Ireland, with a representative assembly sharing power between Catholics and Protestants.
The RUC was reorganized and renamed the Police Service of Northern Ireland.
The IRA and UDC agree to maintain peace
Assuming the cease fire held, the IRA and UDA agree to a gradual process of decommissioning their weapons. Political prisoners were released. The Republic of Ireland amended its constitution to remove its territorial claim to North Ireland until the people of Northern Ireland agree to rejoin. 


English: Would like a table by the window? What do you recommend? 

Irish: Ba mhaith linn bord in aice na fuinneoige? Cad a mholfa Dom? 
Pronunciation: Buh wah linn bord in ay-kye na fwin yowgeh? Kodd a vufaw doo?  


Have a happy holy New Year to all, God Bless.

Ed & Gloria