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Last Month's Trivia: What are the two most common surnames in Ireland?

Answer​ Kelly and Murphy are the most common surnames in Ireland. 

This Month's Trivia: Who were the two main characters in Joyce's Ulysses? 

History:  In the general election of June 1927, Fianna Fail won 44 seats, and Cumann na Geadheal won 47, making Ireland for the first time a true two party political system. In the next general election in 1932, Fianna Fail won 72 seats, displacing Cumann na Gaedheal as the dominate party. Thus, not even 10 years removed from the Civil War, Ireland saw a peaceful transition of power from one side to another. 


English:  I have a toothache. I need to see a dentist.

Irish: Ta tinneas fiacaile orm. Ta orm an fiacloir a fheiceail. ​

Pronunciation: Taw chtinnass feea kayl eh urm. Taw urm un fee oklore ah eckawl.

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