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Broome County, NY

Ed Evans' corner

Last Month's Trivia: Who were the Gallowglasses?

Answer​The Gallowglasses were tough mercenaries from Scotland hired by Ireland to improve the strength and discipline of their armies.

This Month's Trivia: What is a currach and what is an aiochtar (eek-tur).

History:  To control the increasing power of the IRA, the British government sent the army into Northern Ireland and began a policy of internment. This meant the police or soldiers could seize a suspect terrorist without formal charges and hold him or her indefinitely. By 1972, hundreds of Irish Catholics were being detained on these terms. 


English: We will be leaving tomorrow. Can you call me a taxi? 

Irish: Beidh muid ag imeach go luath amarach. An bhfeadfa tacsai a ordu dom? 

Pronunciation: Beye mwidge egg imokht guh loo ah amore okh.
Un vayd faw taksay ah ordoo dun.

Ed & Gloria