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Monsignor Lawrence E. Giblin Division One
Broome County, NY

The Hall Is Closed Until Further Notice.

​Please stay tuned, stay home, and Stay SAFE.

​Thank you for your patience and please keep our fellow members in your prayers.

The schedule will be posted when the Governor lifts the closure order.

Ed Evans Column:

 Last Month’s Trivia: The Gift OF GAB literally means mouth or a great ability to converse. 

 This Month’s Trivia: How many U.S. Presidents were sons of Irish immigrants?

 Language: Do I need a prescription? How many do I take?
 Irish; An bhfuil oideas dochtura uaim? Ce mhead gur ceart dom a thogail? ​
 Pronunciation; Un will ijass dyktoora oom? Kay vayd gur kyart dum a howgawle? 

 History: To European, who are used to wide political divisions of politics, Fine Gael and and Fianna Fail appear almost identical. Roughly speaking Fianna Fail appeals to farmers and laborers, and it is more socially conservative and less economically conservative than Fin Gael. Fine Gail is identified with the middle class and has more ties to business. 

June 2020