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Last Month's Trivia: When was Northern Ireland established as a political entity? 

Answer​Northern Ireland was established as a political entity in 1920.

This Month's Trivia: In 1886 Parnell and Gladstone brought forth a Home rule that would give Ireland a form of independence, what was it ? 

History:  The Republic of Ireland is still an active member of the United Nations. The Irish peacekeeping troops have been well received around the world because of their clear history of neutrality. In recent years, Ireland has been known as an outspoken proponent of human rights and the empowerment of small countries. 


English: I would like some postage stamps. I need some envelopes.  

Irish: BAmhaith liom roinnt stampai poist. Ta cludaigh uaim. 
Pronunciation: Buh wah lyum rintch stompee pwisth. Taw kloodee woom. 


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