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Broome County, NY

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Hall Phone: 607-724-5588
​148 Main Street; Binghamton, NY 13905

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Meetings Held Every Second Tuesday of the Month 

Next Meeting: September 12th,2023 @ 7:00 pm​

LAOH Juniors & LAOH County Board Notices

are now located on the LAOH page of this website. 

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 Parade Committee.

Parade Day 2024 is March 2, 2024

Parade News: Thanks to everyone who helped, in any way, to make the 55th parade day a success.

Parade day 2024 is March 2.


The AOH 2023 membership cards have arrived. Please ensure you pay your dues. The dues are $40.00. Drop your payment off at the hall or mail to: AOH – 148 Main St. – Binghamton, NY 13905. Attn: Mark Kadlecik.

Once again, we’d like to thank all the members who have paid their 2023 dues. All those who were in arrears received a reminder letter back in early April. We currently have approximately 25-30 members withoutstanding dues. We’d appreciate you taking action and bring your dues up-to-date as soon as possible. These monies are needed to support our charitable contributions and offset some of our operating costs. This will also ensure you won’t be removed from our member- ship roster and mailing lists. Let us know of any address change.

Please let any AOH officer know if you have any problems paying your dues.

September;  2023 HISTORY - Bill Burke

  LOCAL AOH HISTORY CONTINUED   Last month this column covered local AOH history through 1919.  This article will cover 1920 up to the present.  Thanks to Mike Heslin’s history article from the 1970’s we have a chronological recording of our historical evolution. During the 1920’s the AOH and its auxiliaries were somewhat nomadic.  According to Mike, in 1921 meetings were held at 62 Exchange St. next to the Clover Leaf Dairy. In 1923 the meeting place moved to 7 Henry St., near the present Double Tree Hotel. In 1924 the division had a meeting address of 110 Court St., near the Security Mutual Building. Apparently, it stayed that way until 1933. But in 1934 the meeting place moved to 234 Washington St., near the present-day B.C. Forum.

       After 1935 local AOH county board meetings could not be found in the city directory and the only officers listed were recording secretaries. Of course, 1929 to 1941 was the time of the Great Depression, the longest and deepest downturn in American economic history. That to be followed by December 7, 1941, and the largest conflict in world history.  Thus, local AOH activity wavered for several years.

     However, on March 26, 1965, through the efforts of Father Snyder of St. John’s parish the local AOH was reorganized. Father Synder was aided by Tom McNabb of the Cayuga County Division and Dr. Tom Dooley of the Syracuse division. Chuck Fitzpatrick of Binghamton was the first president. Officers listed were Rollin Sullivan, Bob Madigan, Paul McCormick, and Ed Heslin. The next president was Joe McCann.

    In 1968 Mike Heslin became president and Terry Costello the recording secretary. The division also moved its meeting place to the Holmesy Wilson Grocery Store on Henry St., across from the present day Mirabito Stadium. During this period Vice President Dick Savage instituted a monthly drawing for a local AOH building fund. In 1972 The Binghamton Sun, (the morning newspaper), reported the Induction of AOH President Don Feheley. This induction was held at the J. C. Knights of Columbus Hall. 

       Apparently, the building fund was successful because soon after, in the seventies, the permanent home of the Boome County AOH and LAOH was moved to our present location at 148 Main St. This was accomplished through the success of the building fund, and benefactors such as McCormack’s Funeral Home, Attorney Rusty Grace, and others. Slowly contributions from volunteer workers and paid contractors transformed the old double storefront into the beautiful hall we have today.

        A lot has happened since the move to Main St. The AOH has thrived, the AOH auxiliary has become the LAOH with 2 local divisions. Additionally, a Junior LAOH has been established. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade through the efforts of the Hibernian parade committee has become an annual premier event for the City of Binghamton. The AOH and LAOH continue to promote Irish culture, and history. But most importantly from our hall on Main Street emanates a continually energy of friendship, unity, and Christian charity. – submitted by Bill Burke. Sources Mike Heslin’s article, Broome County Library


It is not said often enough-Thank You to everyone who is a volunteer in any capacity at the hall. We all benefit from your efforts. Luck of the Irish Raffle tickets are available at the hall- Proceeds help maintain 148 Main St. Next Board of Directors meeting is Sept. 11.

Tom Kelly Corporation President.


  Membership in the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc. is confined to men 16 years and older who are practicing Roman Catholics of Irish birth or descent and who are citizens of United States of America or who have declared their intentions to become citizens of the United States of America.

Associate memberships are also available to those who do not meet the aforementioned qualification.

It is a standing rule that Applications for Membership that languish without action for longer than 6 months are discarded.

Notifications for induction dates and times, through the Shamrock Degree, are sent to all applicants.
Those who have applied prior to this 6 month period, and are serious about joining the A.O.H., need to reapply for admission and make arrangements to attend a Shamrock Degree ceremony within the next six month.

Those interested in membership must stop into the Hall to submit an application as they must have an active member sponsor them and sign the form.

Please check the Bartender Schedule page here for days and times the hall is open.