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 Parade Committee.

Parade Day 2024 is March 1, 2025

: Parade News- Thank you to everyone who helped in any way with the 56th “parade day.” Rest up- “parade day”2025 is 3/1/25.


IRISH HISTORY – MYTHS OF THE IRISH: Should we avoid the historical but silly myths of the Irish culture. Should we forget the tales of Leprechauns, fairies, and other mythical inventions of the imagination. These characters were probably born of too much talk, maybe too much drink, and too much imagination. These characters are fake. Or are they. Let’s look at these characters:
Leprechauns: Mischievous little, well dressed, green suited men tempting us with a stash of gold at the end of the rainbow. Fake? I’ve seen these guys. Sometimes disguised in black button-down suits from Sall-Stern’s, they’ve tried to sell me everything from super wealth to super health. Their pot of gold still awaits at the end of every rainbow.
Mermaids: Beautiful women who live to lure young human men into the depths of the sea. Fake? Men who have been led into a sea of confusion and muck by these creatures are ubiquitous and universal.
Merman: These are males of the same species as mermaids, sometimes called sea hounds with green teeth, greenish hair, probably green livers, stubby fin-like arms, and a nose turned red by overindulgence in cheap whiskey. Look closely and you will see these guys in any bar in Broome County.
Faries- Fairies are said to live under certain trees called fairy trees, which serve as the gateway between our world and the underground world of the fairies. They say bad luck will come to anyone who cuts down a fairy tree. Fake? Cut down a tree and see if you aren’t surrounded by an army of buzzing creatures claiming you may have destroyed the aesthetic charm of the neighborhood or maybe even upset the entire environmental balance of the universe.
Banshees – These are female spirits whose haunting wail signals the death of a family member. Sometimes tall with a green dress and long hair, sometimes a shriveled old woman only a foot tall. Fake? Maybe, but have you ever felt you were signaled by something when a loved one was about to pass.
So, are these tricksters fake. Or are they now and have they always been real messengers with genuine warnings. Warnings against the greed of get rich quick schemes, the perils of unbridled passion, the risk of too much foolish selfish behavior, and the danger of not heeding warnings. Well for sure their messages are needed. So don’t be afraid to talk often and loudly of the myths of the Irish... you will be doing the world a favor. – Bill Burke -source: Irish Central, S. Byron 3.4.21/, A. McSparren 2.21.24.

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The 2024 AOH membership cards will be arriving soon. We’d appreciate you paying your dues at your earliest convenience. The dues are $40.00. Drop off or mail your payment to: AOH Hall, 148 Main St., Binghamton, NY 13905. Attn: Mark Kadlecik. If you have an address change, please let us know. It’s the only way we can keep our records straight and ensure you’ll get all the mailings.


Corporation News- St Patrick Season events at the hall were a great success!! Thanks to everyone who worked to make that possible. Also, those who tried to stop and enjoy. The Queen of Hearts game has started- stop in and try your luck for a buck. ☘
Hope you were able to celebrate the "Irish Holidays" with family and friends this year. Our hall is a great place to gather where the entertainment is free and the refreshments are inexpensive. This is only possible because we have the privilege of having a hall. The Corporation is anticipating the need for some expensive expenditures in the near future. If you are able to make a donation to the Corporation, it would be greatly appreciated. As an incentive, the Corporation will subtract the amount of the donation from the cost of a hall rental. Consider having your next birthday, shower, anniversary, or graduation party at the hall. This incentive is good until 7/31/24. Please send your donations to Cookie Luke at the hall. -Tom Kelly Corporation President.

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Many thanks to all my Hibernian brothers and sisters who came to hear me 3/15/24!  I very much appreciate it!  Slainte! - John Tobias 

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Associate memberships are also available to those who do not meet the aforementioned qualification.

It is a standing rule that Applications for Membership that languish without action for longer than 6 months are discarded.

Notifications for induction dates and times, through the Shamrock Degree, are sent to all applicants.
Those who have applied prior to this 6 month period, and are serious about joining the A.O.H., need to reapply for admission and make arrangements to attend a Shamrock Degree ceremony within the next six month.

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