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DR. ROBERT ROSE THE ANGLICAN DOCTOR THAT HELPED THE IRISH CATHOLICS - In 1815 the area just south of Binghamton, now called Susquehanna County Pennsylvania, was undeveloped and wild. The land was thick with large trees and rocky soil. Roads were virtually nonexistent, and the dominant occupants were wolves and wildcats. Yes, wolves and wildcats. Then came Dr. Rose and the Irish. 

    Who was this Dr. Rose and why the Irish. Dr. Rose was a wealthy Philadelphia doctor. He was born and raised in America after his Anglican family had immigrated here from Montrose, Scotland. In 1809 Dr. Rose hit upon an opportunity to purchase 100,000 acres of land in the Silver Lake area. But there were some problems: as mentioned – no roads, heavy forests, wolves, wildcats, and very few people. When he headed out from Philly he brought with him some workmen. They cleared land, built him a house, and a year later he sent for his wife. However, to build a thriving community you needed people, specifically at this time laborers and farmers. There was a small community of Quakers, (also known as the Society of Friends), in the Friendsville area, but they soon left. For various reasons other groups also found the area too formidable. His friend a Mr. Ed White suggested he try the Irish.   In the early 1800s these were not famine immigrant Irish. However, at the time the Catholic Irish could not own land in Ireland, (due to their English rulers). So, Mr. White convinced the doctor that the Irish would love a shot at land ownership. Also, that many of the Irish being former canal diggers were accustomed to heavy and brutal labor.

    Dr. Rose then took out advertisements throughout the east and wrote letters in publications such as the Tipperary Free Press in which he encouraged Irish families to come to Silver Lake. The tactic worked. Two thirds of people who moved to the area between 1815 and 1845 had contracts with Dr. Rose. The deal was this: Land could be bought for $3 -$5 an acre, with 10 years to pay it off, and you could buy up to 100 acres. He was lenient with payments and often traded labor for payment. He stipulated that you had to live on the land. You could also lease a cow for $3.00 a year, (of course if it died you paid $25). To build a sense of community, extended families were encouraged to buy land. Also, to this cause, the Anglican doctor gave land for the building of Catholic churches.

    Thus, due to a strong work effort, support of their Catholic faith, heavy family connections, and the generous contracts of Dr. Rose the newly arrived Irish survived and thrived. These immigrants saw the opportunity America offered. They built the foundation for the comfortable life many of us live today. We should be thankful and always remember. - by Bill Burke: Source – All credits due to Susquehanna County Historical Society staffer  Connie Snedeker’s research and presentation of 5.18.24.


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