NOVEMBER;  2023 HISTORY - Bill Burke

HISTORY – ANNIE MOORE’S STORY: Annie Moore is a name all Hibernians should recognize. She was not a war hero, a great inventor, or an industrial giant. However, her memorial is the very first you will see when arriving by sea to Ireland’s port of Colb, (pronounced Cove). Who was she? She was the first immigrant to pass though the newly opened gates of Ellis Island in 1892. Although many thousands of Irish immigrants had arrived in America before her, Annie’s ship’s arrival was greeted with a chorus of foghorns, clanging bells, and a barge decked out in red, white, and blue as it pulled into Ellis Island.

Upon arrival a Treasury official asked, “What is your name girl”, she replied. “Annie Moore sir”. Annie was registered along with her two younger brothers and was then given a ten-dollar gold piece by a congressman, a sliver coin by a Catholic chap- lain, and a five-dollar gold piece by a bystander. She and her two younger brothers were then moved into the waiting room. The next 62 years would see 40 million immigrants pass through Ellis Island. It is estimated that 40 % of Americans can trace their origins back to the immigration station in Ellis Island. Annies’s life after that was the hardscrabble immigrant life at the turn of the century.

Annie married a baker, had 10 children, 5 of which died before the age of 3. She lived the life of a tenement immigrant and died at the age of 50. It had been thought that she had lived a somewhat glorious life by marrying a descendant of Irish nationalist Daniel O’Connell, moved to New Mexico, and died in a streetcar accident. There was a Texas woman by the same name whose descendants were invited to ceremonies at Ellis Island and Ireland, but she wasn’t the true Annie Moore. Annie simply did what most of the Irish immigrants did. She left for America at age 17 hoping for a better life, she cared for her younger siblings, and did her best for her own children. Today Annie’s name is on a pub in New York, a National Park Service boat, a statue in Colb and one at Ellis Island. She is honored because she exemplifies what many of our ancestors did; they took risks, they survived hardships, and they laid the foundation for the comfortable life we live today. – submitted by Bill Burke. Sources: EPIC Museum Dublin, Ireland. Colb Harbor, Ireland. CNN C. Shoichet 2023.

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